Liza and her dream Brandylane


As I come out of the house and Looked around, I saw Liza Akter Hossain in the driving seat of the car. The previous day when she said she will be sending a car, I didn’t have a clue that Liza herself would come to pick me up. While travelling to Liza’s office Brandylane, her […]

20 Initiatives by Young People Received Entrepreneurship Awards

IPDC Present উদ্যোক্তা সম্মাননা ২০২১ অর্জন

For the nearly 2.2 million youth who join the labor market every year, the job creation equation would become easier if a portion of them took the path of entrepreneurship instead of finding a job. Government and private joint ventures should smooth the way to creating entrepreneurs. IPDC Entrepreneurship Awards 2021 To honor successful young […]

Branding in Brandylane

Liza A Hossain

Life Story of Liza A Hossain: Branding in Brandylane While studying BBA, I often heard a saying from a few teachers. They used to tell us to do business rather than work—do something ourselves. Something brand new A job means driving your own dreams. So it is good to do business. It gives the right […]