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Life Story of Liza A Hossain: Branding in Brandylane

While studying BBA, I often heard a saying from a few teachers. They used to tell us to do business rather than work—do something ourselves. Something brand new A job means driving your own dreams. So it is good to do business. It gives the right value for one’s hard work. In addition to this, he used to talk about business by mentioning another reason: There are many unemployed people in this country.

A lot of entrepreneurs are needed to overcome this unemployment. If everyone works, this problem will not be solved easily. After completing my studies in 2017, I found that there are many businessmen around who want to do something for themselves and are quite young and energetic. addiction to doing something new in them. From today’s online shops to boutique houses, their boundaries are wide.

But the disappointing thing is that many of them are not finding the right path. As a result, some people get frustrated and leave the business, entering the job market. Again, some big organizations are not getting used to the modern communication medium and are falling behind day by day.

Launching of Brandylane: Why and how it Launched?

Some medium-sized companies are unable to grow even as they grow. The reason for these stumbling blocks is not being able to reach out to customers and present yourself properly. Launched in 2015, Brandylane has come forward to solve all such problems. They specialize in “business-to-business” services in branding activities, digital marketing, event management, and creative and market branding. Brandylane has already earned a Google certificate in digital marketing. Apart from new startups, various multinational and domestic companies have joined Brandlane. For example, Comilla Victorians, Orion Group, Kumarika, Tanin Group, Meghna Group, etc.

Who is the Founder of Brandylane?

The original founder of Brandylane is a young woman. The entrepreneur known as Liza A. Hossain said, “The main objective of our organization is to deliver all marketing services to entrepreneurs or startups at a very low cost.” He also said, “Now many people are taking initiatives to do various types of business online, including e-commerce, boutique houses, homemade food, traveling, beauty salons, and training centers.”

But a big challenge is delivering your products and services to the customers. Because success in business requires expanding the range of products or services through proper marketing, Sales will increase only when the products and services reach the consumer. But the problem is that new entrepreneurs have a very limited marketing budget. With this limited budget, it is impossible to obtain quality and appealing services from an advertising or branding agency. As a result, they tend to act on their own, and many opportunities are lost due to poor decisions.

Brandylane’s goal is to provide marketing services to at least 100 new entrepreneurs by 2020. For those who are already involved in various businesses, including an online shop business, or are thinking about it, Brandylane can be a place of trust.

Written by: Rajiv

News Source: Samakal

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