Creative-Ideas and Design

Bold brand identities and expressions that power engagement, build consistency and drive growth.

Our creative members have innovative minds and creative hearts. They remake the world and visualize their ideas with a dazzling display of creativity. Brandylane’s creative members are dreamers with an exuberant imagination. They invent and visualize concepts and ideas and create new worlds – to bring others to do or purchase something, or simply to fascinate them. Communication design, graphic design, layout, and composition are their daily bread.

Communication for Design

Our graphic designers are proficient in visual communication. They use imagery to communicate ideas, set the mood, and elicit emotion. Not only are our designs visually appealing, but they also tell your brand’s story, send a message, and effectively call to action.

Our creative agency has some of the most talented designers in Dubai and the broader region ready to leave an impression on your audience, whether it is outdoor advertising on billboards and banners, careful placement in newspapers and magazines, or designs for a digital, and advertising campaign.


The branding design process consists of brand conception, naming, logo design, color, and font selection. We start with a "discovery meeting" to learn about your product/service, values, and preferences. After that, our creative team will research individual name ideas and present you with a shortlist of the best names. Our in-house graphic designers will then create several custom logo concepts and variations for you to choose from.


Logo design is typically priced on a quote basis. The cost of a professionally designed logo from a creative agency can range from a few hundred dollars to thousands, depending on the scope of the project.

Investing in a professionally designed logo from a reputable agency is the best way to ensure the highest quality design for your business. Although the upfront cost may be more expensive, it will save you money in the long run, as you won't have to rebrand later on. Learn more about Step-By-Step Guide To Creating The Perfect Logo


Designers, developers, copywriters, and project managers are all housed under one roof in a creative agency. Freelancers must be hired either individually or as a group, which is uncommon in design.

Creative agencies must be more professional and accountable. Agency reviews are available on Google, Facebook, and other online platforms also have location and physical presence. Online transparency is lacking among freelancers. Take their recommendations seriously.

Because of their reputation, creative agencies must be held accountable for our work. Plagiarism is common among freelancers because they must complete many jobs quickly.

Brandylane Creative will share our creative process if requested. This usually results in a better product. We are a top UI/UX agency because of our user-friendly web designs and CMS platform.


Creative agencies offer a variety of services including web design, graphic design, copywriting, Creative Ideas and Design, animation, and more. It's best to contact a specific agency to learn more about their services.


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Let's get your project started

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